The Keystone Pipeline Project is Terminated


The Keystone XL pipeline project has been terminated. The Canadian pipeline company that had planned to carry oil from Canadian tar sands to Nebraska announced last week that it had terminated the project.

Environmental activists have long warned about the impact the Keystone pipeline would have on the environment.

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In 2015 former President Obama announced he would reject the construction permit for the pipeline. In 2017, immediately after inauguration former President Trump signed an executive order to undo Obama’s decision.

In 2018, after portions of the pipeline, had already been built, a federal judge blocked any further construction stating that the Trump administration did not perform adequate environmental reviews before making its decision.

On the day of his inauguration President Biden rescinded the construction permit for the pipeline. On the same day TC energy, the company responsible for the pipeline, said it would be suspending work on the pipeline.

Environmental activists cheered the move and used the moment to urge Mr. Biden to rescind the Trump-era permits granted to another pipeline, the Enbridge Line 3, which would carry Canadian oil across Minnesota. Hundreds of protesters were arrested earlier this week in protests against that project.

The Keystone XL pipeline project has been terminated.

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