We Need to Talk About Your Body: A Gift Guide

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“Self care” is the trendy wellness term du jour, and from our point of view, that’s a good thing… as long as self care products are nontoxic, ethical, stylish, and, you know, actually work. So you’ll find that this is a different kind of gift guide. 

From mental health to immunity to confidence, we’ve researched, tested, and fallen in love with this assortment of body lovin’ products so good, you’ll gift them to yourself, too. (Bonus: breathing is free, so make sure to try our guide to breathing and share it with your nearest and dearest.) 

Oh, and remember: Your body is a wondrous and beautiful thing. And so are you.

1. Joovv Red Light Therapy 

We Need to Talk About Your Body

Joovv’s Red Light Therapy delivers light therapy to improve your skin and body down to the cellular level. This device promotes supple rejuvenated skin using readily absorbed red light and near-infrared light to penetrate your skin at a deeper level. This can translate into your cells’ mitochondria producing more energy (ATP) (if you want to know more about the importance of your cells energy producing mitochondria, read 5 Ways to Keep Your Mitochondria Healthy)  stimulating the synthesis of pro-collagen, basic fibroblast growth factors (bFGF). This can translate into healthier, glowy skin. Red light therapy can also aid workout recovery, support performance, inflammation, sleep and circadian rhythms. Joov’s Recovery+ Mode facilitates the body’s natural healing and regenerative process. It’s an ideal post-workout treatment. Choose from “The-Go,” the smallest device ($445) to the “Wall System” ($ 8,395)

2. Odacite Mood Cleansing Ayurvedic Bath Soak

We Need to Talk About Your Body

Looking for a great stocking stuffer? While a trip to the spa may be out of the question but this Odacite Mood Cleansing Ayurvedic Bath Soak is just the thing to enhance your giftee’s mood and balance out the chakras. Made with detoxifying Himalayan Sea Salts and moisturizing grapefruit oils, this soak includes 84 essential minerals to melt stress away. It boasts almond oil and jojoba oil to soften the skin, lemongrass to invigorate the senses, and holy basil and grapefruit, both of which have been shown to be detoxifying agents. ($24)

3. Truvani’s Plant-Based Protein

We Need to Talk About Your Body

Good skin – and good health in general – are both linked to macronutrients like protein. The quality of your plant-based protein makes a huge difference in how you look and feel, and Truvani’s Plant-Based Protein is some of the best. It’s vegan, organic (and therefore non-GMO), and it contains zero preservatives. It’s also devoid of artificial sweeteners, gluten, dairy, and soy. It has just five ingredients and comes in four indulgent flavors: chocolate, vanilla, banana cinnamon, and chocolate peanut butter. Bottom line: you know exactly what you’re getting: 20 grams of protein in only 130 calories per serving. ($49.99 per bag)

4. Dermapore Extractor and Serum Infuser

We Need to Talk About Your Body

Unclog pores and give your skin a moisturizing boost with the Dermapore Extractor Device, which removes dirt, oil, and blackheads. The device uses ultrasonic vibrations to penetrate deep into the skin, reducing the appearance of pores and taking skincare to the next level. ($99)

5. Carbon 38 Printed High Rise Legging

We Need to Talk About Your Body

It just feels better to look good in your workout gear. That’s why your giftee will be obsessed with these Carbon 38 Printed High Rise Leggings. They’re available in five colors including Refreshing Camo, Layered Leopard, Distorted Tye Dye, Printed Black, and our favorite, True Snake. Eye-catching designs and sweat-wicking, high-performance fabrics pair perfectly with a simple white tank. The wide, double-faced waistband keeps you contoured and sleek, and the seven-inch, high-rise style holds your shape fabulously. Your giftee will be thanking you for making them look oh-so-fashionable during their workout (not to mention their from-home workday). ($98)

6. Lumin Skincare Anti-Fatigue Essentials Skincare Set

We Need to Talk About Your Body

Your man will thank you for this one. We’ve all been under copious amounts of 2020 stress, and this Lumin Skincare Anti-Fatigue Essentials Skincare Set is just the thing to bring some balance back into your man’s skincare routine. This anti-fatigue skin set hydrates skin 24 hours a day and protects it against oil, daily pollution, shaving irritation, fine lines, and dark circles. Apple extract prevents skin damage, while charcoal suctions out dirt and grime. Green tea extract is loaded with polyphenols to keep your man’s skin looking bright and vibrant. ($61.20)

7. Rose on Rose Body Roller

We Need to Talk About Your Body

Allow your giftee to just chiiiiilllll. This Rose on Rose Body Roller relaxes tired muscles, reduces fluid retention, breaks up tension, and relieves stress. Rose Quartz emits energetic vibrations, improving circulation and providing immediate stress relief. Refrigerate for an extra cooling sensation. Your giftee will be ready to max and relax. ($125)

8. Extra Stress Strength Relief Lavender Stress Relief

We Need to Talk About Your Body

This year it’s about finding ways to unwind and your giftee is sure to appreciate an extra boost of relaxation. This Extra Strength Lavender Stress Relief is just the thing. Improve your giftee’s sleep and mood while reducing anxiety and depression. This blend of USDA certified organic hemp CBD oil and MCT oil also contains lavender for an added boost of chill. The metal roller ball makes application a cinch when you’re on the go. ($9.99-$34.99)

9. Easy on the Eyes Bundle

We Need to Talk About Your Body

Give your giftee’s tired eyes a real rest with this Easy on the Eyes Bundle from The Detox Market. The bundle contains Odacite Eye Contour with Rollerball 2oz, a Detox Mode Sleep Mask, and 100% Pure Bright Eyes Mask. Whether it’s been a long week in the home office or your COVID insomnia is in full swing, the eye quenching gels and de-puffing eye serum will help bring you back in balance. Wake up your skin with yummy organic ingredients like Organic Aloe Juice, Organic Matcha Green Tea, Organic Green Coffee, and Organic Yerba Mate. And when it’s time for a rest, your sleep mask will help you shut out the rest of the world (if only for a bit). ($65)

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10 Doctor-Approved Holiday Gifts for a Healthful New Year

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These days, it’s even harder to know what to give your loved ones at the holidays. Not only have our friends and family developed the pesky habit of warding off boredom and guaranteeing at least some socially distanced human contact by ordering all their little heart’s desires off the Internet, but with Covid-19 continuing to rage, it can be hard to know exactly what our friends want and need this holiday season.

That’s why we’ve tapped the best resource this holiday season: six medical experts, each of whom has shared what they’re giving their friends and family. Here are their top picks.

Dr. Dawn Desylvia


1. Peptides

Peptide therapy is a cutting-edge, science-based medical treatment where amino acids are used to promote the body’s natural healing processes. Dr. Dawn De Sylvia, M.D. calls peptides “some of the most powerful tools I’ve found lately that support our minds, hearts, bodies, and immune systems.” She recommends Semax and Selank for their support on focus, memory, anxiety and depression. Both come in the form of nasal sprays and are the perfect stocking stuffer in these trying times.“With brain fog, anxiety and depression at an all time high right now, we all could use something that we can feel helpful in real time when we need it most,” she says.

Buy Semax on Nootropicsource.com.


2. NAD

DeSylvia also recommends NAD, a co-enzyme of Niacin (B3) that is made in the body but, according to DeSylvia, not in nearly the quantities most of us need.

“NAD allows for transfer of energy from the food we eat to every cell in our body, especially our brains,” she says. “But as we age, our NAD levels decline, which can be a factor in many of our health issues, but also a huge factor in our cognition, memory and moods.”

Her favorite oral form of NAD is Nadovim, but she finds that a prescription for the nasal spray and injections of NAD are often needed to deliver the boost of energy and healing we desire.

Buy Nadovim on Amazon.com.

Dr. William Li

winter citrus

3. Fresh Organic Citrus

Remember in the 1994 version of Little Women when Amy (baby-faced Kirsten Dunst) got super excited about oranges as a Christmas gift? Well Dr. William Li, physician scientist and author of Eat to Beat Disease, is all about bringing that excitement back – and frankly, we can’t help but agree.

“Winter is citrus time, and the vitamin C and a natural bioactive called hesperidin can lower inflammation while building immunity,” explains Li. “Whether its Cara Cara, mandarins, or clementines, this is a gift that juices up your health.”

Try the organic mixed citrus from Frog Hollow Farms, or select your own local fruit and arrange in a beautiful wicker basket.

Buy Eat to Beat Disease on Amazon.com.


4. Dried Gourmet Mushrooms

For the foodie in your life, Li recommends a selection of dried mushrooms that can be used to make soups, stews, risottos, and more.

“Edible mushrooms contain a fiber called beta-glucan that helps gut health and boosts immunity,” Li explains.

With Mycological, you can choose a selection of organic dried mushrooms including porcini, cremini, and shiitake. Slip in a handwritten recipe – like our wild mushroom and black truffle risotto – and your giftee is sure to be over the moon.

Buy Mycological Mushrooms on Amazon.com.

Dr. Terry Wahls, M.D.


5. Cooking Lessons

If you’re looking for a fun, healthy gift this holiday season, why not try cooking classes? Dr. Terry Wahls, MD, Clinical Professor of Medicine at the University of Iowa Carver College of Medicine in Iowa City, Author and Creator of The Wahls Protocol: A Radical New Way to Treat All Chronic Autoimmune Conditions Using Paleo Principles, recommends these lessons from The Holistic Chef as just one option to help your giftee up their skill level and get some new ideas for the kitchen.

“You can even create your own personal version of cooking lessons on Zoom and save on spending,” she says. “This way it’s more personal. Something like teaching your grandkids on Zoom how to cook a dish with rich history and tradition is a great way to further connect them to their heritage. Plus, you’ll both have fun while doing it.”

Buy The Wahls Protocol on Amazon.com.

6. Sauerkraut or Kimchi


Give the gift of a healthy gut microbiome with this idea from Dr. Wahls, who notes that both sauerkraut and kimchi “are terrific for resetting the microbiome.”

“There is also a study that found societies that ate more sauerkraut, kimchi, yogurt and kefir had lower rates of COVID related hospitalizations and death,” she adds. (For more about this study, check out our article on whether kimchi can reduce COVID mortality rates.)

You can either purchase a great brand like this Biona Organic Kimchi or make your own at home – for ideas, check out our top 10 fermented food recipes.

Buy Biona Organic Kimchi on Amazon.com.

Dr. Kien Vuu, M.D.


7. Liposomal Vitamin C

“The holidays are filled with feelings of joy and time spent with loved ones, but they also happen during flu season,” says Dr. Kien Vuu, Concierge Performance and Longevity M.D., Author of Thrive State: Your Blueprint for Optimal Health, Longevity, and Peak Performance. “This year in particular, it is crucial to promote immunity over the holidays.”

That’s why Vuu suggests stuffing stockings with Liposomal Vitamin C from LiVon Labs, which he says may be better absorbed than other vitamin C supplements.  

“I simply love how each serving is individually packed, making them super easy to share and stuffed into any stocking.”

Buy Liposomal Vitamin C on Amazon.com.

Dr. Josh Axe, D.N.M.


8. Organic CBD Hemp Golden Chai Powder

To say this has been a stressful year is perhaps the understatement of all understatements. And for Dr. Josh Axe, D.N.M., C.N.S, founder of Ancient Nutrition and author of the upcoming book Ancient Remedies, Ancient Nutrition Hemp Golden Chai Powder is just the thing to help counteract some of its effects on your body. The powder support restful sleep and improved emotional wellbeing with a combination of 20mg of organic, full-spectrum CBD with cinnamon bark, turmeric root, black pepper, and ashwagandha. (For more about the healing powers of this adaptogen, look no further than our guide to the stress-busting benefits of ashwagandha.)

Buy Organic CBD Hemp Golden Chai Powder on Ancientnutritionpractitioner.com.

Dr. Elizabeth Trattner, A.P.


9. Gua Sha

For friends looking to perk up their skin, Gua Sha is a traditional Chinese treatment that can work wonders for reducing fine lines, stimulating blood circulation, and increasing production of collagen and elastin.

“It is very important to purchase your gua sha from a licensed doctor of Chinese medicine,” says Dr. Elizabeth Trattner, A.P., noting that the doctor selling you the stone can teach you the proper technique for using it. Trattner sells a gua sha on her site that is both ethically sourced and easy to use for a novice.

Buy Gua Sha at Elizabethtrattner.com.

Screen Shot 2020-11-29 at 15.52.38

10. Holi Trinity by Agent Nauter

Trattner also recommends the Holi Trinity, a three-step skin regimen containing water rich in pearl powder and pitaya to gently exfoliate as well as lavender and cucumber alleviate irritation. A potent blend of calcium and vitamin C supports cell regeneration and fights acne, while the oil fortifies skin with nutrients and antioxidants to rehydrate.

“I love this combination as it is so gentle,” says Yule, noting that even though we’re not ready to travel yet, the travel size pack is a great way to give the products a try.

“This set is on my list for everyone,” she says.

Buy Holi Trinity by Agent Nauter on Nordstrom.com.

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Days Before the Election, the EPA Reapproved a Dangerous Herbicide

On October 27, the EPA announced the reapproval of herbicide dicamba for use on genetically-engineered dicamba-resistant soybeans and cotton – to the horror of environmental advocates. The decision came just four months after the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit had revoked the 2018 approvals for the same chemical, due to what the Center for Food Safety has characterized as “well-documented harms and extensive damage to U.S. agriculture.”

“EPA rushed re-approval as a political prop just before the election, sentencing farmers and the environment to another five years of unacceptable damage,” writes George Kimbrell, Legal Director at Center for Food Safety in a press release.

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