As more and more American’s become vaccinated everyday society has slowly begun to open back up. It’s been nearly a month since the CDC announced that vaccinated people no longer have to wear a mask or social distance in most settings.

Data by the CDC suggests that those who are vaccinated against COVID-19 are less likely to transmit the virus but the research is not definitive.

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Some people are unable to be vaccinated due to underlying medical conditions, or religious reasons, and then of course there’s those of us who just don’t want to be vaccinated!

When it comes to COVID-19, immunologists are still figuring out what they call the “correlates of protection,” factors that predict just how protected someone is against the coronavirus. Researchers believe that an optimum amount of “neutralizing antibodies,” the type that not only bind the virus but also prevent it from infecting, are sufficient to fend off repeat infections. Scientists are also still assessing the durability of immunity that the COVID-19 vaccines are providing and where in the body it’s working.

Can people vaccinated against COVID-19 still spread the coronavirus?

The coronavirus vaccine has been known to cause numerous side effects and health problems after injections, mostly after the second shot. None of the COVID-19 vaccines have been FDA approved, they are only approved for emergency use.

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