Bret Weinstein Censored After Discussing Alternative Covid Treatments


A recent video by Bret Weinstein’s discussing alternative COVID-19 treatments with Dr. Pierre Kory was removed for promoting “medical misinformation”.

Bret Weinstein has a PhD in biology and spent recent months discussing the pandemic, vaccine rollout, and COVID-19 treatment with other experts.

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Dr. Pierre Kory, Weinstein’s guest, has been a frontline doctor in the pandemic and an advocate for alternative covid-19 treatments. Senator Ron Johnson was recently banned from posting on his channel for the same reason.

Any media that goes against the mainstream narative is censorsed. For months any media about the possiblity of COVID-19 being made in a lab was censored. Now, after the President has called for a look into the origins of the virus, and the mainstream media natrative has changed, the information that was once censored is more widely available.

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