Asian Elephants Leave Their Reserve in Search of a Better Habitat


Elephants in China have left their nature reservation and are roaming across different cities for a new habitat.

The family of 15 wild elephants left their nature reserve more than a year ago. They have traveled more than 300 miles in the last year in search of a bigger habitat.

The Chinese government is tracking the elephants using drones. Authorities have helped them cross roadways and tried to steer them away from densely populated areas. Still, the elephants have trampled more than a million dollars worth of crops on their journey.

The length of the migration is unheard of for Asian elephants, prompting some scientists to believe they left in search of better habitat and are having a hard time finding it. ‘For some reason, these elephants felt that their traditional home range was no longer suitable… and then they just left to find somewhere else,’ said Ahimsa Campos-Arceiz, an elephant specialist at the Xishuangbanna Tropical Botanical Garden.

Elephants Escape Nature Reserve and Wander Across China In Search of Better Habitat

The elephants previously lived in Yunnan province where native forests are being cut down for tea and rubber plantations. China’s elephant population has doubled over the last 30 years from 150 to 300, due to anti-poaching laws. Unfortunately, their habitats continue to shrink.

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