Andrew Marr Asks If Just Unlucky to Catch Covid-19 After Being Vaccinated Twice


BBC’s Andrew Marr got coronavirus despite being fully vaccinated. In an interview with Sir Peter Horby, he asks if had just been “unlucky” in getting sick.

Andrew Marr states that the covid-19 vaccine is “remarkably effective” at preventing hospitalization and deaths from covid-19, but that as more people get vaccinated we will see more vaccinated people getting sick.

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Horby points out that Marr wasn’t hospitalized and did not die from Covid-19, and claims this is most likely due to the vaccine. Marr says that his case of Covid-19 was “really really quite unpleasant” and suggests that it needs to be made clear that you can still get Covid-19 if you’re vaccinated.

He also suggests that it be made known that while your risk of being hospitalized or dying is supposed to be dramatically reduced, that doesn’t mean that your case of Covid-19 won’t be relatively severe and uncomfortable.

You can watch the original video here.

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