Melissa, Raven Organics

Hi, I’m Melissa, based in beautiful Lake Tahoe, California, and I’m excited to share my curated collection of organic products with you.

My journey to more sustainable living started when I tried my first “mint julep” handmade soap from my good friend who was visiting from out of town.

She gave me a bar to try and I was hooked. I previously didn’t give much thought to what soap our family used. There was no more thought than just throwing some “Dove” in the shopping cart and moving on.

But that soon changed after I started researching what they put in a lot of things we use on a daily basis in our homes.

I started making my own soap in my basement after my two beautiful but energetic boys (Ethan and Zander) went to bed.

Slowly but surely I began making more homemade products for our home including cleaners, lotions, and more. I couldn’t stop. My husband (Chris’s) personal favorite is the CBD lotion he uses to relax after a long day at the shop.

After my family was on board, I began giving my organic homemade products to friends and family for gifts, because who doesn’t enjoy a homemade gift crafted with love? My circle loved them, and it soon became a tradition that I gifted only homemade organic products instead of stressing and running to the store to buy more things they didn’t need.

This was a total lifestyle shift that was much welcomed.

My mission is to bring to you a good quality organic product that you look forward to using in that morning shower or that relaxing bath in the evening.

I know you’ll enjoy them as much as we do!

I firmly believe that once you switch from the harsh chemicals we’re accustomed to using on a daily basis – you’ll be hooked.

I hope you start switching out your household brand products for organic handmade products showcased on our site. They are good for the soul!

All of our products are free from palm oil and any animal by-products.

Thank you for visiting and if you have any questions or comments we would love to hear from you!