Banzai Seeds Now 🤣

This isn’t simply a story about Seeds Now and their on the internet store – I indicate it is, they are on the internet as well as appears to be doing well. Could Seeds Now think about opening up brand-new retail places?

How things appear in retail

As you may recognize, Ecommerce has re-shaped exactly how men and women are now doing service. Sellers now have more to offer than they can stockpile on supply, and buyers can’t appear to obtain enough of the special deals online.

Long past is the loyalty to retailers and brand names as shopping becomes increasingly driven by mouse clicks, likes & links 😋

Consequently, physical stores are currently quickly coming to be absorbed by Ecommerce stores. And with many now flocking this industry, the combination of both aesthetic appeal and also capability has actually now fallen on to the Ecommerce sellers’ hands. Some traditional stores are transforming to accomodate unique occasions for customers and are making use of unique occasions and also experiences to make purchasing in individual more special.

Seeds Now

Online Purchases at Seeds Now

On the internet shop owners are currently developing sites efficient in attracting clients and offering them s both physical and digital plus subscriptions and services. Among the several platforms available to create an ecommerce store, Shopify attracts attention as one of the most effective as well as preferred locations to construct an on-line shop 😅

A Powerful Market Force

It powers numerous transactions every month as well as numerous countless online shops that have actually expanded exponentially in profits as well as appeal by utilizing this solution. Shopify hasn’t just been a good service for ecommerce vendors, however the clients utilizing Shopify websites have likewise enjoyed what the solution has to supply them.

Older and newer businesses like Seeds Now are picking Shopify

Both recognized and new brands and companies are taking benefit of cutting edge innovation from Shopify to represent them online. The system is flexible and effective and appears to be bringing out the very best in any company that picks it. The only difficulty we see sometimes is the SEO element with too many stores not yet totally in-line with SEO best practices.

There are lots of opportunities to tailor and customize the Shopify experience while guaranteeing that customer can find the items that they came for. Effective merchants comprehend that its vital to offer individuals what they anticipate to discover.

Seeds Now makes use of Shopify

We enjoy that Seeds Now has picked to make use of Shopify for their eCommerce platform due to the fact that of the amazing attributes highlighted listed below. These are simply several of the factors that Shopify is taking control of as a favored platform for up and coming online merchants 💰

Exceptionally User Friendly 😋

Flexibility is among one of the most commonly considered aspects in this digital world that we live in today. As a result of advanced technology, people are now into more reliable as well as quick services for whatever they need, Shopify stores can quickly be set up into various methods and also setups 🤠

Now it looks like Shopify is truly wonderful

Shopify isn’t a fluffy platform. It is simpler to utilize as well as establish no matter the particular niche you are selling to.

Attractive Themes

Nobody intends to shop on a dull looking website nowadays, as well as Shopify has actually made it possible for online sellers to enhance their shops’ aesthetics.

The system boasts advanced technology as well as aesthetically attractive templates that will certainly draw in consumers while using them a wonderful experience. Look pages function appropriately, advanced filters as well as arrangement systems work well.

It is very easy as well as functions pretty well. Seeds Now has a well laid out website and makes the most of several of these innovative functions.

No one desires to go shopping on a monotonous looking page these days, Shopify has actually made it feasible for online merchants to enhance their stores’ aesthetics. Seeds Now has actually a well laid out site as well as takes advantage of some of these advanced functions.

The Shopify system likewise allows innovative programmers as well as designers to develop a website that matches their functional as well as visual needs.

Secured and also Reliable

Shopify is one of several platforms for safely building an on-line store.

And also as you might recognize, safety and security is an important part of an online organization. A safe site will make sure that clients’ personal info are well stored securely at all times 😅

Shopify has been and also can effectively provide security as well as dependability to its customers, which is just one of things that has caused its enormous growth 💰

Screaming Quick Site Speeds

Unlike some other organizing platforms on the internet like WordPress and also Woo Commerce, Shopify has excellent loading times. Consequently, customers of Seeds Now have an easy time checking out their online shop.

Mobile Matters Most

Online merchants understand that since so many individuals are doing so much with their mobile devices it has actually become a growing number of crucial to have a safe and reliable mobile website. Easy to follow text styling and great deals of huge quite photos likewise help to guarantee consumers can find what you’re providing and buy into what you are selling. Shopify has mobile friendly designs and this shop uses them.

Shopify also recognizes this as well as provides themes as well as functions that lots of store owners can use to make their shops receptive sufficient for smartphone usage. Seeds Now has a website that works quite well on mobile 🤠

This isn’t just a story about Seeds Now and their online shop – I mean it is that story too. I wonder though, could Seeds Now think about opening brand-new retail areas Only time will tell.

No one desires to shop on a monotonous looking site these days, as well as Shopify has made it feasible for online vendors to improve their shops’ appearance. Seeds Now has a well put together shop and also takes full advantage of some of these innovative functions 🤠

Shopify is by far the most comprehensive system for firmly organizing an online shop 😋 click here to see it

Natural Pain Relief for Athletes


Being an athlete can take quite a toll on the body, even with a great diet. Over weeks of training I’ve found that even on the best diet, I’m bound to run into injuries and soreness. That being said there are several things that make a big difference in how I feel the next day and rather or not I’m able to train the next day.

Currently, I’m training for a Brazilian Jiu-jitsu competition in May. I’m new, and my workload isn’t nearly that of a seasoned professional athlete, but for the average person, it’s intense.

Every day I do a full body weight lifting workout, yoga, stretching and breath control, 100 bodyweight squats, three sets of push-ups and pull-ups, drilling and training with my dad for about 20 minutes, a mile run, and training at the gym for 3-4 hours a day.

Most injuries I get heal quickly. Since starting Brazilian jiujitsu I’ve suffered jammed toes, a bruised trachea, a pulled quad muscle, and most recently a pulled muscle in my rib area near my spine. Every other injury has been quick to heal, gone in three days at the most. My rib injury took longer to heal. Even after it got better, I spent weeks being sore in that area and having to pay special attention not to reinjure it.

I’ve got a competition soon so extended time off isn’t an option, nor is any sort of pain management that would slow my healing long term. I don’t take pain medication of any sort, nor do I use recreational pain relief like cannabis. Cannabis and over-the-counter pain relief, as well as prescription pain medication all slow down the healing process exponentially for temporary relief.

I view my pain (and many other things in life) like a credit card. Using medication to relieve pain temporarily means dealing with a longer lasting injury, and more pain in the long run. For instance, if I have an injury that hurts at a 6 out of 10, I can smoke some weed or take some other pain medication. But once it wears off that 6 becomes a 7, maybe an 8. And of course, the next dose of pain relief won’t be as effective unless you up the dosage. That’s not my idea of a desirable feedback loop.

To promote healing, we do hot-cold compresses switching back and forth to attract blood flow and inflammation for healing. In the end, we use lots of deep tissue oil on the area. Deep tissue repair oil is my number one recommendation for pain relief and healing if you’re only going to use one thing to aid in the healing process. I use it multiple times a day when I feel sore and before or after a workout. Deep tissue oil has menthol crystals, cayenne, wintergreen oil, and other things to promote healing and attract blood flow to the target area.

I also do hot epsom salt baths as often as needed. It’s nothing revolutionary, but epsom salt does help release tension, relax the muscles and prevent soreness.

Many people recommend Boswellia, an herbal extract, to help with inflammation and pain. Although I’ve never used it, you can read more about it and its benefits in this article.

I stretch and do yoga every day to work on flexibility and aid in healing as well. Even if I’m injured to the point of being unable to workout, I still stretch for movement and healing.

Many other athletes have done down similar paths of using natural remedies to help heal, but very few go deep enough to get the full benefits. Acupuncture and chiropractic care are two examples of holistic routes that some people go down, but as great as they are, they’re really only temporary pain relief. Acupuncture and chiropractic work can be great aids for the body in addition to a healthy diet and routine, but they don’t fix any problems on their own.


Without a healthy diet, I wouldn’t be able to do this every day, but I’ve learned that there’s a difference between fueling my body for everyday life, and my diet when I’m training. When I’m training, I eat a high caloric diet with lots of protein. My main sources of protein are eggs, meat, and cheese. I generally eat less than a pound of meat a week. I have a little bacon in every salad, and between one and three nights a week, we’ll have sausage or bacon in dinner. I also eat homemade beef jerky for protein in between classes.

Eating an anti-inflammatory diet is probably the most important part of my healing process because it goes beyond just healing. My diet is even more strict than it was prior to fighting, although prior to fighting I ate better than almost anyone I knew. I have to eat a diet that not only aids in healing but prevents me from getting injured frequently. With the right diet, you can make your body impervious to injury. I don’t sit around and wait for an injury to start eating a diet that promotes healing.

Every day I eat a large salad with lots of different vegetables. Diversity is an extremely important part of a healthy diet that many people are missing. There are lots of professional athletes who have figured out that a healthy diet allows them to perform radically better, along with recovering faster and overall feeling better. That being said, not many people have figured out that there’s a big difference between eating some kale salad and eating a 10-cup salad with kale, collards, rainbow chard, spinach, lettuce, cabbage, and more. My salads have at least 10 different vegetables and herbs in them. This article goes into how I make my salads and cranberry lemonade.

Three to four times a week I drink my “anti-inflammatory smoothie“. I make it with an abundance of anti-inflammatory foods like ginger, pineapple, cranberries, tart cherries, and turmeric (to name a few). I drink lots of cranberry lemonade to flush out toxins and inflammation, as well as stay hydrated. Lastly, I obviously avoid inflammatory foods. I limit my grains and avoid corn (although occasionally we make homemade tortillas). I don’t even eat oatmeal anymore, because it’s too similar to gluten in the way it digests and causes inflammation.

Many fighters and bodybuilders eat lots of oatmeal as a good source of protein and fuel. For many people, it’s great. But, like most other grains, it’s inflammatory. I feel it when I eat them. I’ll bet if you’re paying attention, you can too. When I’m in need of protein and fuel I stick to things like eggs, homemade beef jerky, walnuts, chia seeds, and raw sheep’s cheese.

It seems like the list of foods I can’t eat is extremely long, but the list of foods I can and do eat is even longer. The guidelines are pretty simple, make everything from scratch, eat tons of raw veggies, eat tons of cooked veggies, and avoid any and all things processed.


With a healthy diet the average person shouldn’t need to take supplements everyday when they’re healthy, but someone who’s pushing their body on an athletes level may find that they function better with supplements.

Currently, I take Sf722 every day, generally because I eat a lot of fruit. Sf722 also helps pump my body full of good stuff similar to salads. Without Sf722 my skin can be prone to breaking out from rolls on the mats, and my healing and recovery slows. I also take Abzorb, or other enzymes to help with digestion, especially if I eat pasteurized nuts. I take vitamin D, Vitamin B, and thyroid and/or pituitary glandular supplements to prevent endocrine system crashes.

When you’ve taken antibiotics or medication or done anything to eradicate your gut microbiome, your gut isn’t producing enough vitamin B. This can be one of the last things to correct itself after you’re healthy. Taking vitamin B helps heal your gut and helps the endocrine system by providing your body with vitamins that your gut should be producing.

When you’re overweight, even just a small amount your body has a hard time assimilating vitamin D from the sun. not to mention most of us don’t get enough sunlight anyways. Being overweight also leads to extra stress on the kidneys (and lower back) and the endocrine system.


Diet and sleep are equally as important for overall health, and when it comes to how sore I am and my recovery time for an injury. Unfortunately, it can be hard to get a good night’s sleep when my injury is severe enough, but it’s always a top priority.

I always get a minimum of 8 hours of sleep. Regardless of the quality of sleep, I’m in bed trying to sleep for at least 8 hours. Sometimes depending on the workout the day before, or how an injury is healing, I can get more than 10 hours of sleep.

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While training anything contact or combat related it’s extremely important than you learn how to protect yourself from injury while drilling and rolling. It took me way too long to learn how to fall properly in jiujitsu, and it’s still a work in progress. Falling down wrong was the number one cause of injury for me while training.

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That being said, once I learned how to protect myself from injury I found that training was actually extremely important for healing my most recently injury. So, if you can move, move. Staying active and using your body is extremely important for working your muscles and building them back stronger after an injury.

Generally, I use the rule use it or lose it. Broken bones often don’t need casts (and strong healthy bones are harder to break). Staying active is usually your best bet for healing quickly.


Some days I wake up barely able to move! Training this hard has been really intense, but I know that with the way I do things, my recovery time is radically faster than anyone else I know doing the same thing as me.

In my experience the most important thing to do is to be in tune with your body to an extreme. The moment something isn’t right I can tell, and I can feel a difference in the way certain foods fuel my body. I track my sleep and my diet, and when things aren’t working the way they should I back track and examine where I might have gone wrong.

This takes time, and it takes mistakes. I’ve experimented with lots of different foods and routines and I’ve seen how certain things make me feel, and how they effect my performance. Working out and being active is a wonderful thing, but it doesn’t mean much if you’re not healthy enough to sustain it.

Sage Edwards

Sage is a writer and photographer for Organic Lifestyle Magazine. At 18 years old Sage weighed more than 320 pounds. After years of being in persistent pain at such a young age, she decided it was time for a change. She started cranberry lemonade, a salad a day, cut out refined sugar and processed foods, Sage lost 100 pounds in less than a year. Today she likes to start her mornings with a run and weight lifting, and a big salad. She enjoys cooking, working out, and learning about health and the way of the Organic Lifestyle.

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Sage is a writer and photographer for Organic Lifestyle Magazine. At 18 years old Sage weighed more than 320 pounds. After years of being in persistent pain at such a young age, she decided it was time for a change. She started cranberry lemonade, a salad a day, cut out refined sugar and processed foods, Sage lost 100 pounds in less than a year. Today she likes to start her mornings with a run and weight lifting, and a big salad. She enjoys cooking, working out, and learning about health and the way of the Organic Lifestyle.

Bio Page  –  Author’s Website

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